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Why is a match between India and Pakistan in Kashmir more than just a game?

Finally, India and Pakistan play cricket against each other. You can check for more updates on 22news. Some people say it is all just a game in the end. But for most Kashmiris who live in the age of social media, it is not just a game. Even just one status update on WhatsApp can get someone in trouble.

Even a cricket game, which for most of the country is just a game, can cause an uproar in Kashmir.

When there is an India-Pakistan match, Kashmiri parents whose kids go to school outside of J&K send their kids long letters begging them not to watch the India-Pakistan match, and if they watch an Indo-Pak cricket game, they should check their feelings and body language. They shouldn’t yell, clap, or show any other emotion, response, or feeling. They shouldn’t be on social media, either wapmallu.

If they decide to watch the game on TV, they shouldn’t do so with other Kashmiri students. They can’t watch it with anyone else in school. If they have to watch it, they must do it alone. If they can’t do that, they shouldn’t watch it.

They shouldn’t talk about it even after the game. They should act like they don’t like cricket and would rather play tennis or golf.

In Kashmir, student leaders tell their classmates who go to school outside the Valley to be good and not yell during or after the match. There is real worry about the game between India and Pakistan in Kashmir. It is always been that way.

Like parents whose kids study outside, the people in charge of the Valley often worry that the match will cause trouble loudtronix.

They have a good reason. On October 13, 1983, India and the West Indies played the first international match at Sher-i-Kashmir Stadium in Srinagar. The stadium was named after Sheik Mohammad Abdullah. The Indian team was surprised by how many people were there. The cricket players from the West Indies were given a surprise welcome in the Valley. When the West Indies bowlers threw a ball, the crowd cheered; when their batters hit a ball, the crowd cheered. When the first Indian wicket fell, some Kashmiri boys jumped over the barriers and ran towards Marshall. They gave him a hug, which caught him off guard.

In 2016, the NIT T20 cricket match between India and the West Indies became the center of another crisis. First, Kashmiri students in their area were happy that the West Indies had won the semifinal. They shouted slogans in favor of the West Indies. This made students from other places angry, so they put up the Tricolor inside the campus. Then they tried to stop a procession from happening outside of campus 9xflixcom.

Since Article 370 was taken away on August 5, 2019, the only thing that hasn’t been regulated in Kashmir is celebrations after or during India-Pakistan games.

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