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When moving, what to pack first.

Homeowners are busy packing for an upcoming move. Many homeowners…

It’s fun to move. If you don’t pack properly, moving can be stressful.

People plan their move and think they have everything under control until they find themselves in a sea of labels, bubble wrap, and cardboard boxes.

E Home Mover, one of Seattle’s top moving companies, knows what to pack first. This knowledge is shared today! Expect to leave this blog post knowing which rooms and items to pack first, especially when moving to a new city.

Prepare Your Items for Packing First.

Starting to pack for a move can be the hardest part.

It’s hard to know where to start and what to pack. Let’s talk about how to start before we talk about what to pack first.

1. Sort and Take Inventory of Your Belongings

It’s vital to your move’s success.

Before packing, take inventory and sort everything. Know what you own before packing.

Start your inventory walk through your house with a notebook, pencil, and coffee.

2. Get Rid of Unneeded Items

Get rid of unwanted items before packing. Why pack tonnes of stuff you won’t use at your new place?

Instead of cleaning, packing, and unpacking these items, give them a better home where they can be used.

Sort your items into categories like give away, sell, and donate.

3. Clean & Dust Items Before Packing

Before packing, dust and clean items.

Wipe each item before packing to avoid unpacking dirty, dusty items after your move.

4. Hire a Reliable Moving Company

Moving homes may not be your top priority, but trust us, you’ll be glad you hired a moving service on moving day.

Moving services have the experience and tools to complete each move efficiently. On The Go Moving can help you find a reliable moving company,

How to Pack First for a Move

When packing, where do I start? We’re here for that.

Start with a moving checklist.

Write down categories, dates, and rooms that need to be packed and add them to your calendar. Moving checklists are great for figuring out what to do first.

After making a realistic moving checklist, start packing.

What to pack first is listed here.

1. Begin Packing In The Least Used Room

You shouldn’t pack your child’s toys or kitchen.

Instead, begin in the least used room and work your way up.

Your least used room may be the garage, basement, closets, or attic. Pack your least-used room first.

2. Stored Items Should Be Packed

Pack previously stored items.

These items are easy to pack because they haven’t been unpacked yet. Organize and pack these items first if you have a storage unit or room in your house.

3. Pack the Most Difficult Room

Don’t save this room for last—you’ll be exhausted by the time you get here, which could lead to disorganised packing.

Pack the hardest room first instead of saving it for last. Read how to pack clothes for moving here if this is the bedroom.

4. Pack Seasonal Items Next

Do you keep boxes of Christmas decorations or your artificial tree year-round? Pack these seasonal items first if it’s not the season.

5. Bring Books and Decorations

When moving, pack your home’s aesthetic items first. This could include artwork, decor, books, magazines, and more. Since you won’t need these items during the move or the weeks leading up to it, pack them first.

6. Pack Shoes and Jewelry

Leave out the pieces and pairs you wear most often and pack the rest. Pack shoes and jewellery you rarely use early.

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