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What to Do in Houston After a Motorcycle Accident?

Knowing what to do to protect your rights is essential, especially if you are injured, as the aftermath of a motorbike accident may be hectic and perplexing for everyone involved. Find out info on what exactly to do to defend your interests and your legal rights following a motorbike accident in Houston.

  • Seek Medical Attention

After a motorbike accident, get medical attention first and foremost. Delaying medical care after any form of injury is never a bright idea. This includes being examined by the paramedics who respond to the collision site, going to the hospital for more comprehensive care, and following the doctors’ instructions for any required ongoing treatment.

If you have severe injuries, delaying medical care could endanger your life. It is crucial to remember that the adrenaline and other life-saving hormones coursing through your body after the crash may prevent you from initially realizing how hurt you are.

  • Report To The Police

The cops are called to the scene of an ordinary motorbike accident. However, there are instances where the accident is not recorded. You can still make a police complaint about the accident after it happened if you were in a motorbike accident in Houston but were taken to the hospital right afterward or otherwise never called the police.

You can get a copy of the accident report from the Texas Department of Transportation, whether the police responded to the scene of the motorbike accident before you departed or you reported it after the fact.

  • Calculate Your Losses

It is time to estimate your damages when you have received a medical diagnosis and submitted an official police report. The initial costs of your medical care are the most evident loss you will experience. The average cost of medical care following a motorbike accident is $4,669 dollars. The long-term costs of continued medical care you could require following a serious motorbike accident in the Houston region are not necessarily included in this sum.

  • Begin Accumulating Data

Once you have determined your damages’ extent, you can gather proof. Start gathering the following evidence to support your motorbike accident claim and document your losses:

  • The accident report from the police
  • medical costs
  • Auto repair costs
  • A record of missed earnings
  • Paystubs demonstrating your typical wages
  • Consult a Lawyer to Discuss your Legal Options. 

Talking to a lawyer about your claim is a smart idea since they can guide you through the process and act as your advocate in addition to helping you collect evidence to support your claim. 

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