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What is eye surgery?

Natural single point stitching like no surgery Single point stitching, no skin slitting required. Looks natural and less swollen This method, also known as “scarless,” is done by embedding a silk knot to create a layer of the eye, leaving only a small incision without making any cuts on the skin. The scars are small and heal quickly. look natural

The single point stitching method uses the force of the silk to create the eyelids. Over time Eyelids have a chance to change or loosen, but the silk knot in the new eyelid can be tightened again. Only this way the eyelids will not loosen. Even after surgery, you can still correct the eyelids. So don’t worry about it.

One-point suture method for eye surgery

  1. Design the eye layer to get the shape. and the width that is suitable for the face
  2. Drill a small hole at the skin, insert the silk into a knot.
  3. The eyelids look beautiful and natural.

The surgery takes about 30 minutes and uses local anesthesia. discharged from the hospital immediately and do not have to cut But those who have fat with thick eyelids There is a high chance that the eyelid will loosen, so eye surgery should be done. with a slit method is better

Who is single point stitching suitable for?

people with thin eyelids

People with sagging eyelids but less fat

People who sometimes have double eyelids

People with multiple eyelids

People who normally wear double eyelid tape

  1. The incision creates a beautiful eye layer like it has been since birth.

Incision eye surgery involves incisions made on the eyelids to remove unnecessary fat and muscle. Then the dermis and eyelid muscles are sewn together to create a sharp and clear eyelid that will satisfy the patient.

Since this method requires cutting the eyelids, the wound is larger than other methods. It is prone to swelling. But if surgery is performed by a specialist surgeon, it will be able to create natural eyelids. It also causes scarring and less swelling. Eyelid design is analyzed from the overall face shape, eye shape, nose shape, etc. Excess fat and sagging eyelids can be eliminated. resulting in a clear and natural eye layer

Eye surgery method with incision

  1. Design the width and shape of the eyelids as needed to match the face.
  2. Slit open the eyelids, remove fat and excess skin. Along with removing part of the muscles around the eye socket (ORBICULARIS OCULI MUSCLE)
  3. Sew the skin and eyelid muscles together. then sewed off the skin
  4. The eyelids look beautiful and natural.

The surgery takes 1 – 1.30 hours and uses local anesthesia. Able to leave the hospital immediately and cutting stitches after surgery 5-7 days

In addition to double eyelid surgery If the eye shape is corrected Surgery to open the head of the eye and the corner of the eye as well. Patients will be more satisfied with the results of the surgery.

Who is the cut suitable for?

People with thick eyelids and a lot of fat

people with sagging eyelids

People who want a clear eye layer

People who want to correct thick eyelids to be thinner

  1. A small incision to achieve a natural-looking eyelid combines the advantages of single-point stitches and incisions.

It is a method that combines the advantages of single point stitching and slitting. By making a small incision on the skin 1-2 mm long and removing excess fat and muscle to create the eye layer. When the excess tissue is removed, the skin and muscles are sewn together. Eyelids will not loosen easily. The wound is much smaller than the cut. Swelling and scarring are therefore less. People who have a lot of fat or muscle on their eyelids. If eye surgery is performed by using a single point suture Eyelids will loosen easily. small incision therefore have better results

Eye surgery with a small incision

  1. Design the eye layer to suit the face the most.
  2. Incision the skin of the eyelids at the head and tail of the eye, 1-2 mm long, remove some fat or muscle.
  3. Use a single point stitching method to create eye layers.
  4. The eyelids look naturally beautiful.

The surgery takes 30 minutes to 1 hour and uses local anesthesia. Able to leave the hospital immediately Thread removal after surgery 5-7 days

Who is a small incision suitable for?

People with thick eyelids and a lot of fat

People who want natural eyelids

People who do not want to have scars on the eyelids

People who tend to have puffy eyes every morning because of the fat on the eyelids.

How to take care of yourself after surgery

Postoperative care is also important.

– Cold compress for 2-3 days after surgery

– Refrain from drinking and smoking 3 – 4 weeks after the surgery.

– Refrain from wearing contact lenses for 4 weeks.

– No false eyelashes for 4 weeks

– Refrain from going to public baths or saunas for 4 weeks.

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