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What Can You Clean With a JNCT Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine?

If you’re in the market for a handheld laser cleaning machine, the JNCT LASER has you covered. This powerful tool can clean metal, paint, oxidation, and corrosion. The JNCT LASER handheld laser cleaning machine weighs less than 2 kilograms and can be easily transported from one location to another. Its versatility makes it the ideal tool for a wide range of cleaning applications, including household chores, auto detailing, and industrial use.


A JNCT handheld laser cleaning machine is an efficient tool for the removal of rust and other contaminants from metal surfaces. These machines use a “green” laser cleaning technology that is free of any chemicals, noise, or harmful byproducts. The laser is highly effective in cleaning all types of metal, from rusty pipes and fittings to rusted car parts. With this laser cleaning machine, you will never have to worry about the rust on your metal pieces ever again!


The JNCT handheld laser cleaning machine is designed for industrial and home use. The device uses a focusable laser diode to clean a variety of surfaces. The concentrated light energy quickly evaporates applied liquids. The powerful cleaning action enables it to clean carpets and hard floor surfaces, including textured ones. The handheld laser cleaning machine has a range of uses, including industrial cleaning, home cleaning, and car detailing.


A handheld laser cleaning machine is a portable laser cleaning solution that has two delivery options: hand-held and robotic. Handheld units are an excellent choice for projects with varying parts and unique surface geometries. For more frequent cleanings, an automated laser cleaning machine is preferable. Both options can integrate into production lines. The laser cleaning process is safer than other methods, including media blasting and plasma cleaning. Furthermore, they do not create a hazard zone and can be used in designated areas.

Ultrasonic cleaning

A portable fiber laser cleaning machine from JNCT can be used for a variety of industrial applications. These machines can remove burnt rubber residue from tire molds, rust and paint from rusted bridges, and prepare welding surfaces. The cleaning process is non-contact and requires no chemical reagents. Furthermore, the waste is a solid powder that is easy to recycle. This method is environmentally friendly and can help solve environmental pollution problems.


A JNCT handheld laser cleaning machine is an excellent tool for restoring a variety of surfaces, including glass. Glass cleaning requires high precision and specialized equipment. It can also be used to clean stone surfaces, including marble, granite, limestone, and concrete. Despite its versatility, laser cleaning may not be suitable for every surface. Some types of glass and stone may be too delicate. Therefore, experts recommend seeking expert advice when restoring a glass surface.


The economic loss from metal corrosion is estimated by the American Institute of Metals to be approximately 4% of world output every year, with the cost of scrap metal exceeding 30 billion yuan in China alone each year. Luckily, there’s a way to fight corrosion and improve the condition of corroded metals by using a JNCT LASER handheld cleaning machine. These machines have the unique ability to clean metals while keeping the materials they are cleaning.


A portable JNCT laser cleaning machine is a useful tool for a wide variety of cleaning applications. The machine uses laser ablation to eliminate contaminates such as oil, rust, and mold release agents. This safe, effective process eliminates the need for high-pressure blasting, which is required for conventional cleaning. It also reduces total manpower by eliminating the need for a second set of hands.


The size and range of portable laser cleaning machines vary widely depending on their intended use. Smaller models are ideal for spot cleaning, while larger machines can handle general purpose cleaning. The type of coating and thickness of the part’s surface will determine the desired cleaning rate. Laser cleaning machines are useful for parts that undergo multiple processing steps during the part’s lifecycle, starting with sorting and ending with cleaning and drying. Unlike traditional methods, portable laser cleaners can reach the smallest of crevices, which makes them suitable for cleaning and restoring parts that require general purpose maintenance.

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