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Vograce: a custom keychains manufacturer

A keychain for Valentine’s Day? A gift for father’s day? A detail for grandpa, for your sisters, or for a special friend? We have many prepared phrases, and dedications. You can customize the wood keychains, we engrave your keychain and in a few days, you have it at home.

Choose the shape: Round keyrings, square keyrings, rectangular, foot-shaped, elongated leather keyrings, leather strip keyrings ideal for hanging on the bag, neck keyrings… you will surely find the ideal keyring for you.

Customize one or two sides of the keychain: at Vograce, you have the possibility of making your keychain unique and unrepeatable. Personalization is always a good idea.

Keychains for Companies:  celebrate an event and we engrave the logo or a motivating phrase for the staff.

Who to give a wooden keychain?

Be creative! Think of the most original phrase for your personalized keychain… “for the best dad”, “Always together”, the names of the whole family, etc. write it and we will engrave it, or change the font, drawings and make your design in the collection of keychains to personalize on screen.

You have keychains with birth data  (birthdays). They are ideal to give at the birth of a baby. We can help you express your feelings.

Quality of the keychains

We use the best quality anti-allergic baths for the key rings, as well as steel, wood, and other materials: we are manufacturers, so we control each stage of manufacturing and finish them by hand so that the perfect gift arrives at your home. 

Our assembly team has been sending our keyrings to all of the United States and other countries for many years, both as original gifts and as business gifts or for brands.

As for the printing and engraving of the keyrings, we use the best techniques, most of them are engraved with a laser, checking that the recording is never lost with use.

Promotional keychains

In addition to all the variety of keychains that we offer you, we can make any promotional keychain for your client, group, event… We are dedicated to the manufacture of keychains and they can be steel keychains, silver finish, wooden keychains, leather, cheap or better quality keychains…

Both in promotional keychains and top quality keychains, we manufacture your keychain according to your idea. Check for quantity, whether they are corporate gifts, events, etc: your clients or group will not forget it.

What is the delivery time of the keyrings?

If you need quantities, for promotional gifts or events, contact us and we can adapt to your needs.

Cheap custom keychains

We use quality materials in our septuplets mccaughey father died keychains, and we assemble them in our factory, handmade, one by one, adjusting the price to the maximum quality. We have cheap wood keychains for special occasions and for quantities when you’re on a tight budget dseklms.

How are the keychains personalized?

In Vograce you have several ways to personalize the keychains: You can choose one of the phrases that we offer you or design it on the screen, where you can add our phrases or write your own and even add photos, drawings, or any of the decorations that we propose.

In addition, in many of the models, you can choose the shape of the keychain (round, square), the type of finish (irregular, smooth), and also the color or model.

It is very easy to make your ideal keychain, in a few clicks or designing it yourself, at vograce, you can create the perfect keychain to give as a gift. Get excited with the message you choose: and you always have our team behind you to advise you with ideas to personalize solonvet.

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