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Understanding The Symbolism And Meaning Behind Surrealism Paintings

Upon seeing the word symbolism and surrealism, a lot of things might be going through your mind because these terms date back to a long time ago between 1924 till date. Reason for saying till date is because the idea of symbolism and surrealism is now being practiced widely by different artists around the world. This is ancient history and no doubt, you would want to find out more about these two terms.

Do you see them as great practices? Do you think that they should still be very much relevant in the world of art? All these are what you’d find out in this article. Visit their website for more information.

About Surrealism

Surrealism is a twentieth century practice by artists of those times. The concept behind surrealism was to express things that were not natural. Many people saw this as crap but the main thing behind surrealism was explaining that whatever your dreams or fantasies were, they could be brought into existence through paintings. You would be wondering already why people felt like it was crap.

It already seems to be a beautiful idea trying to turn your fantasies into real life portraits. Why people didn’t go well with it was the fact that even if you brought your fantasies into paintings, you’re still not achieving anything so why the stress?

Artists who practiced surrealist paintings include Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Max Ernst, etc. These people were influential in the field and also influenced many of the artistic works that came in surrealist forms.

Understanding Symbolism

Symbolism is a form of art that rejects realism and impressionism. The people who were in this field believed that beyond descriptive images, you can still bring out images that are evocative through some kind of mystical science. Symbolism is a form of art that expresses mystery, religious beliefs, human activities and many others. This involves a deep form of thinking as not just anybody would decide to go into this form of art. If you have not made up your mind to go into this kind of art then don’t bother giving it a try. It requires a lot of work.

Are They Still Relevant In Modern Day Art?

For some reasons, we could conclude that they are still relevant. These reasons include;

Sustaining ancient history

These things were done in the time past and therefore, there is a need to still keep their history going. People in present times tend to love this form of art, mystic paintings and fantasy paintings. They are things that would be sought after and be of relevance in any art gallery.

They have been modified

Modification involves finding out better techniques to go about the paintings than the ways they were done before. Although the idea is not changing, modern day artists find ways to ensure that it is done better.

Having seen this, you are no longer unaware of what surrealist paintings are and also Symbolism. They are ancient practices that won’t be forgotten so soon.

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