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Things to Know About Separation Anxiety in Dogs!

Have you ever noticed your dog becoming a little anxious or nervous when you get dressed to leave the house?

Do they become euphoric when you come back home?

Does your dog destroy household things when you are not home, like chewing on the corner of the table, clawing the door, or chewing off your shoes?

Your dog might be suffering from separation anxiety.

What is the reason for separation anxiety in dogs?

  • Sometimes dogs are hyper attached to their owners, and such dogs get super tense when their owners leave them alone.
  • Separation anxiety is a severe condition, and a lot can be done to fix this problem.

Things that trigger separation anxiety in dogs:

  • After being with people for a long time, being suddenly left alone
  • When a dog is first transferred home from a shelter
  • Change in daily routine or lifestyle can also give your dog separation anxiety
  • Dogs also experience grief when there’s loss of a family member
  • Last, the evolution of ownership can also make a dog very anxious

A few basic signs to look for to understand if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety:

  • The dog is always trying to escape
  • Your dog will drool, salivate and pant much more than usual
  • Your dog will chew up random things if they suffer from separation anxiety
  • They can even cause indoor accidents
  • Excessive howling, barking, and whining are also pervasive indications of separation anxiety in dogs

All these symptoms may not be too visible when you are around a dog suffering from separation anxiety. Moreover, these behaviors are observable in dogs who often don’t have separation. Any dog can exhibit the above mentioned behavior sometimes in their life, but a dog suffering from separation anxiety will do it more often.

So if you are someone who can relate to these scenarios with your dog, it is time to address these behaviors because separation anxiety is curable to a reasonable extent. If these behaviors are not addressed on time, it can lead to more aggressive behavior with time. Talk to your vet. They can offer some informed suggestions to counter the separation anxiety in dogs.

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