Saturday, December 2, 2023


Search Engine Optimization is a deliberate strategy and act of optimizing your online content to increase visibility in the Search Engine Result Pages known as SERP. This is done organically by diverting traffic to your website. So the more people visit your website, the more it will enhance the content on your website to pop up first when it is searched using search engines like Google, Bing, etc

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There is also Search Engine Advertising where you pay seo blackpool to advertise your website page on the first search result list.

The difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising is that, SEO optimizes your website and traffic organically while Search Engine Advertising diverts traffic to your website by persuading, attracting or convincing users through advertising.

Search Engine Optimization is cheaper and it is done at no cost paid to the search engine, and it also guarantees consistent traffic if your website ranks well on the search engine.

Content Marketing is a means of creating content via video, text, graphics and audio forms to create, build and sustain a brand to make sales and attract customers.

Content Marketing builds trust and confidence which comes as a result of consistency . So, for your content to be fully optimized on search engines, your confidence must have been built and earned through your consistency and credibility.

Content Marketing is more effective using the online space and social media platforms.

Content Marketing plays the following roles in Search Engine Optimization:

The Role Of A Booster: by boosting traffic to your website and content. When it is a well presented and relatable content that people will love, it will automatically drive traffic to read your content, patronize your services and make your posts and website appear at the top list of search engine results when keywords of your content are searched for.

The Role Of Visibility: the more attractive your content is, the more people will want to see and use your products and services. This online patronage will make your site and content more visible online without paid advertising.

Organic Visibility is cheaper and more effective than paid advertising. Content Marketing enhances visibility for your brand via SEO.

The Role Of Credibility: comes in once the visit to your site is organic and consistent. These determinant factors naturally bring about credibility that will close and enhance sales. With content marketing, SEO results can be trusted and vouched for to an extent.

The Role Of Brand Awareness occurs when the factors and determinants promoting your products, services and brand online are naturally gained. Awareness about your brand and its services naturally spreads which proves that organic traffic is the best and most effective form of advertising. Once you market your brand and get high traffic, it automatically creates more awareness for the search engine being used.

Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are like a married couple that work together hand in hand to help each other.