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The Colors That Will Complement the Cowboy Hat – The Top Color Choices of 2022

Scan through the runway fashion trends for a while, and you will find it to get dominated by purple and pink combinations. All these shades evoke the Y2K barbie vibes. A little bit of sweet and sugar, the current trending color schemes usually revolve around the purple and blue-toned shades that you will spot on Instagram.

Having said that, there is yet another style trend that is gaining ample prominence in recent times. It is the cowboy hat! Bold and distinctly shaped, this hat brings to mind the old-world charm of the Wild West. While the hat got primarily worn by men during the yester years, there is no reason to believe that women can’t wear it. In fact, as you survey the 2022 hat trends, you will realize that women are making the most of the cowboy hats that have made a fantastic comeback.

From the denim pants and tank top to the white midi dress, the cowboy can get styled in several ways. Women also love wearing it with their little black dress, oversized tees, and shorts. Since colors play a crucial role in adding to the prominence of this hat, it is essential to know the trendy colors that are considered stylish in 2022. That way, you can match your hat and the outfit color uniformly.

1. The brown and blue shades

The combination of brown and blue dates back to the Y2K era. Most style influencers today are using these shades to manage their styles in contemporary ways by adding a yellow-toned ochre shade with the blue. This color combination is not specific for any season. Everything depends on the way you use it. That means the yellow shades present in brown can warm the more fabulous shades of blue, creating a distinctive statement and aesthetic.

Women who want to use these colors along with their cowboy hats to arrive at the correct summer attire can get inspired by Rocky Barnes, an American model. You will often find her wearing a cropped tube top along with a midi skirt that has a front slit. For accessories she also uses turquoise necklaces and a vibrant colored pouch bag. For sandals, you can select the ochre-toned heels which will create a bohemian feel. Get a brown or navy-blue cowboy hat to complete your look.

2. The shades of black and green

It is one of the famous color combinations that is getting viral on Instagram. The black and green combination seems to carry a promise of transcending seasons. Famous celebrities such as Dua Lips and other fashion influencers have been flaunting shades of black, blending it with yellow-tined green.

That aside, there are other style influencers who make use of the vibrant green shades to add a splash of color to any black dress. To take inspiration from this, you can wear an oversized, green wool coat along with black pants that have crocodile texture with a black top. You can complete this look by getting a baguette, hoop earrings along with layered necklace which has yellow tones in it. For adding more fun to the look, get a yellow-toned green shade for your nails. And for adding on your best cowboy hat, you can count on .

3. The white and red shades

It is a striking combination. You can select bold red against a stark bright white shade, which is what the majority of influencers have been wearing. It also gives you the scope to flaunt your red lipper.

When you are about to plan your summer wardrobe, these colors will come to good use. To create an effortlessly chic style, you can pair a floral, white top along with a red high-waisted short, white pointed heels to add to your posture. Your heels and a stylish bag will provide an edge to the summer florals on the top. Also, your statement red lip will help you in putting the look together.

Several fashion bloggers are choosing to create a flamenco-inspired look with these colors. You can choose a white and red polka dot maxi dress that comes with a ruffle neckline and an off-the-shoulder cut. The retro, white and red print can create a statement of its own. You can go ahead with this style by keeping your accessories minimal, which will complete the look with black strappy, square-toed sandals. Adding a black shoulder bag with a bit of bling is also a good idea. Your red lipper would be a constant friend for you here.

Once you wear the cowboy hat with the popular shades of the season, it will ensure that you look relaxed, casual and also are updated with the modern style trends. Go ahead and pick and choose the colors that you intend to flaunt and walk in style in 2022.