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The Best Solution When a PR Crisis Occurs

A PR crisis can easily destroy your company’s reputation. It can happen to any brand or influencer. What should you do when such an unpleasant event takes place? A public relations crisis is the same as any other one. It requires a deliberate plan and step-by-step preparation. If you take some precautions, the day a crisis comes you will know what to do exactly. Your communication with the public should be calm and straightforward, not to make things even worse.

The Basics of Communication During Crisis Times
If you follow these recommendations, you will minimize the risk of total disaster during crisis times. We want to highlight some essential points for you to consider.

Listen to your unsatisfied clients
When you see that people are not happy with your company, you must understand the core reason for such protests. You should listen to what people say first and then start communicating. Let people express their feelings.

Feel people’s mood
You should learn the basic principles of people’s psychology in order to understand and interpret their feelings and the current mood. Communication is not only a way to spread your ideas but to listen to others and try to help.

Take people’s points of view in consideration
When you have to deal with a PR crisis, you should speak and think from your client’s point of view. You need to make your clients believe that you are interested in defending their interests.

Hire a legal adviser
There should be a clear differentiation between public opinion and the law. You may be 100% right according to the law, but your clients are still unhappy with your actions. That is why it is always better to hire professional legal advisers for consultations.

Remain honest with the public
Do your best to speak the truth all the time. Only honesty can give you credibility. Spreading lies to solve a PR crisis is very risky, as the truth will pop up one day.

Assume responsibility
If you say something, make sure you fulfill your promises. When you do business and deal with people, you have to be responsible. Acknowledging the mistake will help you repair caused damage easier.

Be ready for any circumstances
You can’t predict the reaction of each and every client or partner. You must work on improving your technical, writing, and public speaking skills in order to give an inoffensive and clear message.

How To Prepare for a Public Relations Crisis?
The preparation components to a PR crisis are the following:

  • Foresight: make sure you know the external/internal context of your company. It will help you see the first signs of a PR crisis knocking at your door.
  • Prevention: if the crisis is obvious and you can’t avoid it, you have to take a proactive approach.
  • Provision: every PR expert knows that an action plan is necessary for preventing crises.

It is recommended to have a team for managing a PR crisis. Each member should have predefined responsibilities. Work together to gather the relevant information and facts. Think twice before acting or saying something publicly. Spare some time to evaluate the crisis situation and consider the way it may evolve. Collect the information systematically to have a better understanding of the problem. All these details will help you provide a reasonable response and plan of action that your angry clients want to hear. Choose social media channels to communicate carefully. You can send your official response via emails or hold an official press conference. Just let people see that your company is responsible and takes the initiative in communication. Always act positively and remain a trusted source of information.

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