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Surgical Mesh: Use And Complications In Women

Surgical mesh is a material made from polymers that are used to correct pelvic organ prolapse in women. Most women in the United States have the surgical mesh implanted in them because of this health condition. You might be wondering how it is being used and if they would have serious complications in women.

What do you know about surgical mesh? Do you have any idea what the health condition it is being used for is? If you have been wanting to find out information about this then you should stick to this article. You can check out the dangers of pelvic mesh for more information.

What Is a Surgical Mesh?

Sometimes, people might just use the word and not even understand what it is. A surgical mesh is a screen-like material that was made from synthetic polymers. It is majorly used in cases of pelvic organ prolapse in women. It can be used to correct a tissue or bone in that part of women.

This material is made from non absorbable synthetic polymers or absorbable polymers. They can also be made from biologic and composite materials. In most cases the ones that are used for women are made from the non absorbable synthetic polymers.

Use Of Surgical Mesh

The surgical mesh as stated is a screen like material and is used in the correction of pelvic organ prolapse in women. It is usually inserted into the vaginal wall for the treatment of this condition. It could be a transvaginal insertion or transabdominal insertion or a sling to treat SUI. Although POP can be treated with the use of a surgical mesh.

Research shows that over 250,000 women underwent surgery to correct POP in 2010. They had over 70% success rate in all of the surgeries that were done.

One thing to note is that you don’t visit just any hospital when you want to do something like this. Try to do quality research just so that it doesn’t turn out to be a hassle.

Complications Associated With Surgical Mesh

Mesh erosion

Due to the fact that the materials were made from non absorbable synthetic polymers, there is a tendency that these materials wear out in the long run and when it happens like this, it might start coming out through the vaginal which would cause further discomfort. This is the most common type of complication that occurs in women. The best thing to do at this point is to visit the hospital early enough to ensure that it is corrected early.

The mesh fading into other parts of the internal walls

When the mesh erosion occurs, if not fixed on time might begin to wear out into other parts of the woman like the urethra, bladder, etc. This would cause further issues so it is best that you visit your doctor on time to avoid it getting out of hand.

Pain during sexual intercourse

This is another complication that may occur when you have an implant in the vaginal. Sexual intercourse might not be so pleasurable at that point. This can cause a lot for the lady in question. As a lady when you start feeling like this, it is best that you see your medical practitioner.

Urinary problems

Although this happens in rare cases, it is not impossible. Urinary problems can occur when you have an implant in you. These signs may come early and vice versa but on noticing it, ensure that you don’t stay mute over the situation.

Having seen all these things, you are no longer ignorant of what surgical mesh is, Its complications and use. Ensure that you use good medical professionals for these things to avoid further complications.

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