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south korean film | korean comedy film | The Korean Film Archive

The Korean Film Archive or KOFA is the largest Korean film repository in the world. Founded in 1989, it is a public organization that houses over 6,000 Korean films and thousands of film-related items. Other services include a museum, cinematheque, library, and online database of full-length films. This website is also available in English and Chinese. The main goal of KOFA is to make these historical film materials available for study and research in South Korea.

The Korean Film Archive, also known as the Korean Federation of Associated Film Archives, has several locations around the country. Since its establishment in 1974, the organization has focused on digitizing its collections and has released a number of classic films on DVD. The Archive also maintains the most comprehensive online database of all Korea’s films, and incline push-up operates a streaming service for movies. The website also provides audio guides for visitors who speak English.

The Korean Film Archive has three main branches, one in Seoul and one in Bucheon. The museum offers free admission to the public. The archive also holds screenings of classic films. You can also visit its digital film database. The library also offers a digital film rental service. The collection of films is constantly growing, so the library is a great place to watch movies. If you have time to spare, visit a branch to see a film.