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Need to Know Facts About Oil Press Machines

The oil-making business has become one of the thriving businesses on the continent. These days we see the invention of fantastic types of equipment and machines. The oil press machines are among these inventions. This machine is meant to ensure we reduce the chemicals consumed.

Before we begin, you need to know what an oil press machine is.

What is an oil press machine?

An oil press machine is an extraction machine that uses high pressure and heat to squeeze oil out of plant products. These plant products may include vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, and leafy plants. These plants release their oil through this process without the need to add any chemicals. The oil produced through this method is very hygienic, healthy, and full of nutrients. This method is also best for those who believe in producing everything at home.

The Best Oil Press Machine

Before deciding on the oil press machine to buy, there are various factors you need to consider. These factors include quality, durability, price, capacity, processing materials, and operating costs.

1. Quality of the machine

To produce the best, you must ensure that the machine you intend to buy is of the best quality and will work as required. Firstly you need to check the overall appearance of the machine. Secondly, you should check whether the machine’s spare parts are complete. Be extremely careful not to miss any details.

2. Price of the machine

You should ensure you go for the machine within your budget without sacrificing performance. You should ensure you go for the pocket-friendly machine. Buying a cheap machine does not mean that it’s of poor quality; these days, cheap means just that “cheap.” Oil press machine price in Kenya vary depending on the types available. Go for cheap machines if it’s what you can afford. You can also check those that offer after sale services.

3. The capacity of the machine

When buying an oil press machine, you must consider its production capacity. You should ensure that the machine you buy suits your needs. The machine you buy should be able to match the volume/amount of oil you intend to produce. Different models of oil machines will have different capacities. Buy the machine that best suits your production needs.

4. Materials to be produced

You need to decide on the material you intend to specialize in before you choose an oil pressing machine. It would be best to buy a machine that can produce optimal oil from the processed material. No oil can process oil from all materials and produce quality oil. You need to be careful when selecting the best oil press machine.

5.  Durability and operation costs

Before you buy an oil press machine, you should consider the operating costs required. These costs will include labor, power usage, maintenance, and repair costs. You should ensure that you can afford these costs without facing financial tensions. With the tough economy, you should consider buying a durable oil machine with a warranty.


There are many types of oil press machines in the market today. When buying an oil press machine, make sure you buy one that best suits your needs.

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