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Living with an Ostomy

Either you have a permanent or temporary ostomy, there is a change of life you will admit to. Having an ostomy is not a difficult life to maintain, there are some daily constructive concessions you only have to make. These will allow you to know you can still live a normal life peculiar to other individuals without an ostomy. Especially with the availability of ostomy accessories, such as the adjustable vertical ostomy belt which helps you feel happy with yourself,as you will now be able to participate in physical activities easily. In this article, I will be sharing with you what should be your approach towards daily human engagement and routines like wearing of clothes, food choice, etc.


1. Clothing

It would be convenient for you to wear the cloth type you used to wear before ostomy surgery. The ostomy bag is designed to tolerate and give room for cloth wears without giving discomfort. There won’t be emission of bad odour as it is trapped by the ostomy system.

There are specialized clothes you can find online that can make you feel more comfortable, such as underwear and wraps that can hold your ostomy bag.

2. Activities

You won’t be deprived of your daily activities because of Ostomy surgery. People with ostomies go to work, they play sports, and are involved in sexual activity. Significant activity in your life will not hurt you or your stoma. However, sweating may cause the tape that holds your pouch in place to relax. In this case, you should endeavor to buy a specialized pouch for outdoor activities.

3. Bathing

The skin around the stoma should be kept dry and clean. Avoid apply alcoholic products, as they can cause dry skin. Also, avoid use of skin products made with oil. They will make it add for the pouch to stay and appropriately afixed. If you have skin hair surrounding the ostomy, you may need to keep it shaved so that the pouch will stick.

4. Diet

In the case of a colostomy or ileostomy, you will not be able to control the passing out of stool and gas into the pouch. Amounts of stool and gas that go into the pouch will depend on the type of ostomy and your diet.

Try to avoid foods that commonly cause gas. These include beans, cabbage, onions, and spicy foods. It is Imperative you stay hydrated, especially if you have an ileostomy, because stool is often more watery.

5. Medications

Orally taking drugs may not be as effective in people with a colostomy or ileostomy. This is because of how much time it takes to absorb. A liquid medication can be absorbed faster and may work better.

Take considerable care when considering taking medications that can affect the frequency of your bowel movements. You will need time care because there are some sedatives and pain medications that can cause constipation. Also, some antibiotics and antacids may cause diarrhea.

6. Emotional support

There is a tendency for someone with ostomy to get depressed because of social anxiety that their lifestyle might not be accepted in the world. For this reason, finding a social group of ostomy patients can help you get into a healthy relationship of like-minded people and interest. You will be able to gain advice and what is working for some ostomy patients around the world you can learn from.

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