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Is it normal to be sore after a car accident for a few days?

Almost everyone harmed in a vehicle accident will eventually feel sore. How long should this persist, though? What should the level of your discomfort be? Everyone’s body reacts to pain and soreness in different ways, and every injury is unique. Your injury claim’s reasonable value will be influenced by how much pain and suffering you go through.

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The Different Forms of Injuries That May Leave You Sore

Although soreness can result from practically any kind of damage to almost any portion of the body, some injuries are known to do so. The following are some of the most frequent wounds that auto accident attorneys see:


The Mayo Clinic describes whiplash as a particular type of neck injury that happens when the neck is compelled to move quickly back and forth. The force of the contact forces the neck to whip forward before being thrown back again, and this is what happens in an automobile accident. The entire neck snaps like a whip as soon as this happens.

This abrupt movement results in discomforts such as pain, stiffness, soreness, and other symptoms. Neck strain or sprain are other names for whiplash. Whiplash, in mild cases, can go away on its own after a few days of rest and some non-addictive medicines. Serious whiplash instances may need long-term care, such as physical therapy or chiropractic adjustments.


You could sustain a variety of bruises in a car collision. The abdomen and other areas where your seatbelt was fastened at the time of the crash frequently sustain bruises. Additionally, you can have injuries from slamming against the windshield, the gear shift, or other interior components of the car. Minor bruises typically heal on their own.

The bones are shattered

In an automobile collision, any one of the hundreds of bones in the human body could be fractured. An injured bone may experience discomfort while it heals. For several months, you could be in a cast. Because they are not used, your muscles will deteriorate and hurt. Complex breaks may even necessitate surgery, so the orthopedist may properly straighten the bones using pins, screws, or plates. Pain and discomfort are brought on by everything.

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