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Important Facts About Pioneer pressure Washer

Going back to the market to purchase another pressure washer machine soon after purchasing one, is one of the most disappointing experiences. This can result from constant breakages and the need for repairs, leading to lots of costs. Pioneer pressure washer has come to solve this problem. This article focuses on the factors that make pioneer pressure washers quality ones.

An increase in public and private vehicles has led to an increase in car washing businesses in Kenya. To open up such a business, the least one needs to have is a pressure washer. For the business to thrive, a quality pressure washer needs to be in possession. Purchasing a pioneer pressure washer should be a major consideration for this. The following are qualities in a pioneer pressure washer.

  • Hose length

A poor experience with a pressure washer machine at times comes with a short hose length. One experiences a hard time reaching some sides and corners of a vehicle. Furthermore, the chances of being splashed on increase, increasing the rate of cold-related diseases. Pioneer pressure has come in handy to alleviate these problems.

It has a long hose length giving one a good distance from the vehicle, and an easy time reaching every side and corner of the vehicle. This makes it a quality choice.

  • Engine power

A pressure washer with poor engine power is most likely to have the poorest performance. More losses will be faced by the business than benefits. To make sure that this does not happen, one should highly consider purchasing a pioneer washer. It has a great air-cooled engine powered by a four-stroke, robust, and whooping PSL. This makes it ideal for quick machinery, vehicles, driveways, and patios cleaning for long hours without failing.

  • Portability

Having a pressure washer that is not portable makes it difficult to move it from one place e to another. This reduces the chances of one working at different places at different times. A pioneer pressure washer makes it all possible making one earn maximumly. It has wheels and handles to hold onto when moving It from point to point with ease.

  • Affordability

One’s interest and ability to purchase a machine go hand in hand. One may fail to purchase a pressure washer based on its quality and price. A quality pioneer pressure washer price in Kenya is favorable. Despite it having a higher price compared to other pressure washers, its quality, and durability make it worth purchasing. Chances of extra spending on going back to the market or the repair shop not long after buying one, are eliminated.

  • Pressure

The higher the pressure, the cleaner the surfaces being cleaned by the pressure washer and vice versa. Pioneer pressure washer exerts a lot of pressure making it easier and faster to clean. This gives one a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

  • Water flow

Pressure washers with higher water flow tend to clean dirt properly compared to those with lower water flow rates. A combination of high pressure and high water flow rate that a pioneer pressure washer possesses gives a promising assurance of proper cleaning.


Given the above qualities, one should consider having a pioneer pressure washer in possession, to have a thriving car washing business.