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How To Stay Safe Playing At Online Casinos

If you keep track of the news you’ll already know that cyber security is a big problem. There have been multiple major thefts in recent years, some amounting to millions in stolen cash. So this must mean that the online world is akin to the Wild West, right? With thefts going on left right and centre?

The online world is actually far more secure than it’s ever been, with enormous strides in encryption, secure sockets layers (SSL), and more. When you play at an online casino you’re actually in an environment as safe as a bank, with both online platforms using the same security techniques. This doesn’t mean, however, that there are no risks. The reality is that the vast majority of cybercrime happens due to deceit and a lack of caution on the part of the average player. Let’s take a closer look and learn how you can stay safe when playing at online casinos.

Licenses Matter

The first factor to take into account is licenses and regulations. Not any company can simply jump online, create an online casino, and start offering services. Countries regulate casinos, including online casinos, ensuring that gambling organisations offer services only within a strict set of rules. If a site were to break the rules, or not abide by security standards, that site would be shut down. Online casinos that are abiding by the rules are given licenses and must work tirelessly to keep that license.

Hence, when you gamble online you 100% want to be at a casino that is licensed. You’ll find licensing information, generally, in the footer of an online casino’s homepage. Click the licensing tag, investigate if the site really is legit, and proceed to play only when you’re happy.

SSL Encryption Technology

Any casino that is licensed is also very likely to use SSL encryption technology. Let’s discuss what SSL is, so that you understand what’s keeping your personal information safe. SSL encrypts any information you send to a casino and any information a casino sends to you. You have a key to the encryption and the casino has a key, but no one else does. So if a hacker attempts to intercept your data what they’ll see is a garbled mess, rather than your credit card number.

SSL encryption is very near impossible to hack, which is exactly why it’s standard at online banks and online casinos. However, importantly, SSL doesn’t mean you should relax, forget about security, and act like there are no risks. Just because the data in the transfer is safe, it doesn’t mean the data on your computer or phone is safe. If you use SSL when transacting, but your PC is full of malware, you’re still going to have your data stolen.

Keep Your Device Clean

Following on from the previous point, you are responsible for keeping your own device safe. A site like Grand Eagle casino is clean, safe to visit and won’t infect your PC with malware. The same is true for most mainstream sites, the vast majority of which are looking to provide a safe environment for internet surfers. But venture into questionable internet territory and you put your device at risk of infection.

Infections are mostly harmless, serving the purpose of showing more ads when you visit sites. But there are also infections that will log your passwords, copy your keystrokes, and otherwise steal important information. If you haven’t already, download and install free software like Malware Bytes.

Public Networks Aren’t Safe

It’s great being able to visit an online casino anywhere, assuming you have a steady internet connection. But never forget that public WiFi isn’t safe by a long shot. The WiFi you have at home is secure, assuming you follow the above advice. But in public, like at a mall, the network isn’t safe by many means.

Hence it isn’t wise to visit an online casino or make transactions if you’re using a public network. This doesn’t mean you can’t visit an online casino at the mall, it just means you should use your own internet connection, rather than a public network.

Read Reviews And Investigate

There are many helpful sites that offer reviews for online casinos. Visit these sites, read the reviews, and see what others have to say. Sure, there are some reviews that are going to be dramatic, questionable in their information, or otherwise unreliable, but many other reviews are genuinely helpful.

The best approach is to see if an online casino is getting overwhelmingly negative reviews, with complaints focusing on unfair treatment or poor service. If you find that this is true for a casino, you might want to look elsewhere. Remember; there are many online casinos to choose from and you can investigate options as long as you like. If you’re unsure about a casino, just look somewhere else.

Check Customer Support Reliability

If you want help at an online casino, you’re going to rely on some form of customer support. So, just how reliable is the customer support at any given online casino? Don’t wonder about it, contact customer support and see how long it takes to get a response. You can even ask customer support about the track record of the site, just to see the response.

It’s interesting that many online casino regulars don’t think of customer support as a direct line to the management of the site, but that’s exactly what customer support is. To put it another way; if a site is running a fast and efficient customer support department, you can be sure that the rest of the site likely runs efficiently as well.

Take Care Of Yourself

There is no doubt that the online world is safer than it’s ever been, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful. Investigate an online casino before playing, look for license information, and make sure you’re playing somewhere that is regulated. Also don’t forget that you’re responsible for your own internet safety. Keep your device clean, avoid questionable sites, and never use public WiFi to make transactions.

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