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How to Make a Lesson Plan for Online Classes 

With the growth in educational technology, online teaching platforms are growing at a faster rate. With the better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness provided, online course platforms are the new preferences of learners and educators. For effective online teaching and enhancing your online course selling(learn how to sell online courses here), the main step that every teacher should follow is to make a lesson plan. 

A lesson plan is a detailed description of the guidelines that a teacher follows to complete the academic syllabus, teach lessons effectively and ensure high learning outcomes. A lesson plan includes steps about what the learning needs are, what the teacher’s goal is,  in which way knowledge will be imparted and how the learning will be measured respectively. For proper time management, conducting the classes smoothly, and ensuring a high student engagement rate, online teachers need to make a digital lesson plan too. 

What is the need of making lesson plans for online classes?  

You want your online classes to become successful and to do the right lesson delivery plays the utmost important role. When you prepare a lesson plan and conduct online classes accordingly, it leads to systematic, well-organized, and effective teaching. While making a lesson plan, teachers list down the class activities to assess students’ knowledge too. 

This helps teachers to know where students are lagging, what are their strong points and what more can be done for improvement. Teachers become more productive and efficient by making lesson plans for online classes. To sum it up, generating learning outcomes, keeping students actively involved and accountable with online learning, and making a lesson plan help in many ways. 

Steps to make a lesson plan for online classes 

1. Know the learning needs and objectives

The first step that you should think about while making a digital lesson plan is what are the needs and expectations of your course students. All students are different from one another and have varied learning styles. So think of a lesson plan that includes activities and demonstrations that will be effective for all the students. Secondly, keep the learning objectives in mind. The main purpose or goal of your online classes is to make students learn. To identify the learning objectives. This will help you to make a lesson plan that makes students more goal specific, and effective.

2. Decide the teaching method

The next step is to decide the teaching methods. This means how or in which way you will teach the lesson to your learners. Whether you will dictate the lessons or make students read in the class, or which all tools will be used is something to think about. Think and try to find out the answers to the following questions to decide on the right teaching method and make a lesson plan accordingly. 

  • What is the understanding level of the students? 
  • How much time needs to be given to a particular lesson? 
  • What skills and knowledge do you want your students to gain from the class? 
  • Which teaching method will be engaging and interesting for all? 

3. Jot down the resources required

To conduct the classes effectively, teachers must plan what resources they need in the class. If they do not have the necessary tools or requirements, it can lead to time wastage. Also without appropriate resources teachers won’t be able to give quality explanations which ultimately affects students’ understanding level. Therefore teachers need to plan out all the teaching resources. For example, for a particular lesson if educational videos are important, make one. Similarly, ebooks, demonstrations, picture cards, PDFs, and other multimedia tools. 

4. Plan out the class activities

Only teachers explaining the lessons and students sitting as mere listeners don’t work. The online course builder(learn how to sell courses online here) or the instructor should plan out in advance the activities to make students more active and vocal in the classes. Active learning practices should be adopted, so while making a lesson plan, jot down all the class activities that you want to conduct. Online quizzes can be made in form format including questions like tick the correct option, answer in one word, true or false, fill in the blanks, and more. Polls, online discussions, debates, and recitations are other such activities that you can include in your lesson plan. 


To conduct effective online teaching and learning, planning and preparation of the lessons in advance are important. By following the above-mentioned steps online teachers can make quality lesson plans. This not only enhances teachers’ efficiency but also helps generate better learning outcomes and make the online course successful. 

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