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How to level up your casino experience

When looking to join an online casino, we need to know how to make the most of our experience. We can just log into some live online roulette and have some fun, but if we spend a little time getting to grip with the basics, we can get more out of it: fun, money – the lot.

Use live dealers

Live dealers are a game changer when it comes to online casinos. The biggest drawback of playing games at home is that they lack the real-life atmosphere of a buzzing casino. But, live dealers change that a little bit by making it way more social and way more real.

A live dealer essentially means that you’re playing real roulette, but remotely, as opposed to purely with software. Of course, the bets are placed with software on your phone or laptop, but at the likes of VIPArabClub, there’s a real table that a dealer is hosting you on. They roll the wheel on a live stream and you can see the fallout of real-world events, which ensures a level of security for yourself.

It’s also a lot more consequential, which is good when playing at casinos. Having a dealer there to interact with is fun and inclusive, but their reactions and the hosting of your table make your bets matter all the more.

Know the rules

The next tip to get the most out of casinos is to know the rules. It’s very common that players will play on tables and games for months before realizing they don’t know the full extent of the rules. A quick 5-minute read can completely change the game and give you the full chance of winning. It’s particularly important in complex games like poker require a full understanding of the rules if you’re going to stand a chance of beating other players.

Also, it can mean that you realize this game isn’t for you before wasting too much of your time.

Make use of bonuses

Bonuses are a way to get free money out of the casino. In one form or another, bonuses can give you some extra that you otherwise wouldn’t have had. Many sign up to casinos because of an attractive welcome bonus, but forget to check on if ongoing bonuses are available – or loyalty bonuses. Check your emails regularly to see if they have reached out to you about one.

Secondly, it’s important to not just maximize the use of bonuses, but to understand what they really are. This means getting to grips with the major categories of bonuses, but also reading the terms and conditions. Some may have steep wagering requirements and minimum odds meaning that your large deposit is at risk, because validating any winnings is really difficult.

Research strategies

Off the back of the second point, it’s important to research strategies in order to maximize your chances of winning. Now, the extent to which you do this will depend on your personality. Some people will dive into poker strategies for years and even take lessons to make players better. On the other hand, if you’re not finding that enjoyable or worthwhile, don’t rule out a quick 2-minute brush up on things like the Blackjack chart which can help inform your decisions based on the cards faced up.

Find a slot game that resonates

Finally, slot games are a lot of fun, but ruled out by some people because they believe they’re just simple fruit-machine games with 3 arbitrary spinning wheels. The truth is that casino game development is huge right now, and it’s all taking place in the slot machine space.

The reason for this is that they have a lot of freedom to get creative. Slots nowadays have fully-fledged storylines, along with themes and characters of all varieties, meaning something will resonate with you. Beyond just the aesthetics and story, there are also elements of gamification and competitiveness – some even involve elements of skill, meaning competitive leaderboards exist. This is a far cry from the pub fruit machine, and it’s something worth trying out.


Finally, Virtual Reality (VR) is a phenomenon that is currently being caught up in Zuckerberg’s vision of the Metaverse. In truth, this is playing a very small part of what VR really is about. VR has endless potential for online games and chat rooms, to the point where it’s now possible to enter casinos in the virtual realm, which completely closes the gap of traditional casinos and the atmospheric advantages they have.

We don’t know exactly where VR casino games will be in 5 years – but imagine live dealer hosts in a virtual casino with their own avatar, where you can walk up and place bets surrounded by friend avatars using a microphone. This space is going to be quickly developing, so it’s worth considering it even at this early stage.

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