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How do measure the effectiveness of working with bloggers?

Now the speakers of every digital conference say that working with bloggers and opinion leaders is cool, interesting, and effective for business. However, as soon as it comes to specific indicators of advertising campaigns, market participants move away from numbers (trade secret!) And talk about reach, millions of views on YouTube, and thousands of likes on Instagram as much as possible.

Let’s say you are planning an advertising campaign with bloggers. What can be calculated there?

1. Reach, screenings, and cost of contact

The most obvious metric is reached. How many views did the advertising integration collect, how many unique users saw it, how many people you used Email marketing automation, and how many views were gained through reposts on social networks and re-uploads of content (if any)?

But, rejoicing in the multi-million coverage, do not forget to ask the blogger or his agent to send a screenshot from the internal statistics of the account where the advertisement was placed. For example, YouTube Analytics shows the average video view length and depth. This way you can estimate how many people watched the video before the brand integration and how many left immediately after the ad. The Instagram business account also provides statistics for each post and video.

2. Audience reaction and ER

Whether the ad has reached the audience can be understood by the emotional reaction of subscribers and their involvement. These ratings are a little subjective, but they cannot be ignored. As in classic SMM, the engagement rate (ER) can be measured by the number of likes, comments, or users who shared advertising content about yoga studio software.

On YouTube, it would be nice to look at the ratio of likes and dislikes. If the number of views of the video is taken as 100%, then it is normal to get from 10% likes and up to 2% dislikes. If there is a strong bias, then check if someone brought bots to “view” your ad.

3. Short links. Transitions

Good old links allow you not only to send the blog audience to your website, for knowing the best WooCommerce plugins, landing pages, or social media accounts but also to count the number of clicks and transitions, that is, to find out the CPC.

You can sew the link in the description of the video on YouTube (the main thing is that the author of the video does not forget to ask the viewers to click on the link in the description), in the active layers in the video, in Instagram Stories. Well, short links have taken root in Telegram channels. You can cut links using Click or TinyURL.

4. Links with UTM tags. Conversions, purchases, and leads

Using UTM tags, you can track several parameters at once: website visits, purchases, and leads. Fortunately, all data from UTM tags are transferred to analytics systems – Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. For example, you will see how many subscribers of a popular blogger immediately pre-ordered your new cream, and how many passed the dry skin test, and calculate the CPA of this channel․ the same can also be done for apps for consultants.

For greater effect, ask the author to make a more explicit call to action in the advertising integration: take the test using the link in the description, buy tickets to the festival using the link, etc.

5. Quests and tasks

There are services where you can create mini-quests for Internet users and set certain behavioral conditions that a brand needs for implementing agency tools․ The services SetQuest, Complete2unlock,, etc. work according to this model.

The essence of the quests is that the blogger offers viewers to complete a task in order to gain access to bonus content: a secret recipe, a selection of films, secrets of passing the game, a music track, etc. For example, subscribe to the company X VKontakte account and be the first to see my new review. In this way, the blogger can “share” his audience with the brand. The user passes the quest, and the service checks the correctness of the task and opens access to the bonus.

6. Promo codes

If you have an online store and the ability to distribute some kind of discount through a blogger, then a great way to measure the effectiveness of placement is to give promotional codes. A good personalized promotional code in the description shows that the blogger is also interested in your brand, she is a little bit with you at the same time. As a rule, companies give promotional codes for a 10-15% discount, but you can offer the audience even steeper conditions. For example, a promotional code for an annual subscription to your cool service.

Final Thoughts

These tools can be combined and used depending on the brand and the goals of the blog advertising campaign. But you need to understand that all the numbers are primarily needed for your assessment. Bloggers of any of the sites are not yet ready to subscribe to specific indicators, maximum – to the approximate number of views. And those without any sanctions for non-fulfillment of KPI.

Therefore, calculate the cost of placement in advance and make advertising so that you and the blogger like it.

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