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Home Security for Renters: How to Protect Your Home without Damaging Property

As a renter, you may not have full access to install necessary security gadgets in your home, hence, learning certain security tips will help keep you safe. You can also learn at

We have put together some simple ways you can protect your home without damaging your property. Have a good read.

How to Protect Your Home Without Damaging Property

1.  Install New Locks

Before moving into a rented apartment, make sure the locks of the entrance doors are changed if they are not in good condition. To achieve this, you can request your landlord or realtor so that you don’t have to spend so much fixing things.

Before installing locks, make sure you purchase the right lock for your doors, a good recommendation is a double-cylinder deadbolt. There are so many guaranteed locks, inquire about purchase.

Aside from entrance doors, windows and interior doors can be locked properly to ensure security.

2.  Install Outdoor Lights

Most burglar thefts occur at night because darkness supports their action, so installing external lights will discourage intruders from coming to your house.

You can use battery-powered lights, lights with timers, solar bulbs, or motion sensor bulbs to track movement. Make do with what you can afford but prioritize your security.

Light with timers doesn’t need your presence to work, motion detectors give you an update on suspicious movement and it also scares intruders since they hate to be seen. Internal lights, give an impression of your presence to intruders, hence they keep off.

3. Use Security Cameras

A security camera will help uncover the faces of intruders in your absence, even if they get away with theft, they can be traced and arrested by the police.

Install a security camera at strategic locations of your house, it’ll also serve as a monitoring tool when you’re home at night. There are several types of security cameras, to avoid being noticed, you can install them at inconspicuous locations.

When installed, do well to watch the videotape every day or whenever you suspect any break-in.

4. Develop Good Relationship With Your Neighbors and Local Security

Though it is more of a social thing, it goes a long way to keep you safe from theft. At some point, you may embark on a long trip, and your house will be left to the mercy of thieves, but by having a good relationship with your neighbors, theft can be forestalled.

Also, whenever there is a robbery case in your house or neighborhood, a good step is to call the local security in your area. Though it is their responsibility, having a good relationship with them gives you a swift response.

5. Get An Insurance

Just like a backup plan, ensuring your property will help cover any loss that may occur. Paying a little amount of money monthly is enough to insure your property.

The good thing is some insurance companies cover theft, structural damage, loss of cars, and the like. You can insure everything you have while in a rented apartment.

Other safety tips are;

  • Don’t allow strangers into your home especially when you feel unsafe about it
  • Get a trained security dog
  • Install alarm devices
  • Adopt regular checks and maintenance in your home
  • Get to know the crime history of your area