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Home care in Philadelphia: Tips to find a reliable agency

No matter whether you are recovering from an injury or need help to care for your senior parent, it is imperative to seek professional help in time. A home health aide ensures that you recover at home and within an environment that’s familiar to you. It also ensures that you continue to remain independent and in control of your life. There are numerous Philadelphia personal health care agencies that offer amazing services for patients, seniors, and their respective families. If you need to find one, here are some tips to consider.

  1. Check the reputation of the agency. If a care agency claims to be among the best in the city, it will have reviews and ratings online. Read more of such independent testimonials, and if you have liked an agency, ask for references.
  2. Consider the financial aspects. Home health care comes at a cost, although many agencies accept different types of payments. Make sure that you have planned your financial situation in advance.
  3. Ask about their screening process. How does an agency hire its staff? Do they have a comprehensive training process after hiring? Do they check certain aspects to hire a caregiver? These are some key questions you must ask.
  4. Don’t miss the simple details. States have certification and licensing requirements that agencies are expected to fulfil. Ensure that the agency you choose is legitimate and worth your trust.
  5. Check the personal care options. There are three broad categories in home care – live-in, visiting, and respite care. Ask the agency if they can arrange for staff for respite care on short notice. If the caregiver must live with an individual around the clock, the costs are higher.
  6. Consider the billing cycle. Even if you are paying for home care through insurance, you should know how frequently the agency would be billing you. Get clear estimates of the expected costs for a month.
  7. Keep the focus on flexibility. Is the agency open to changing hours of work when required? How many staff members do they have? Will they change the caregiver if you are unhappy with the service? These are some key things you need to know.

There’s no denying that home health care is a suitable option for most seniors and patients who don’t need to stay in a hospital. The right agency will ensure that you get the care you need without staying away from your loved ones and your home.