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Finding a good family lawyer in Sydney

Finding a family lawyer in Sydney has become very important for most people. This is because many issues related to family law have been affecting many people’s lives. However, finding a good one can be pretty challenging. Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales, and as of 2020, approximately 36,000 attorneys are operating in NSW. Therefore, to help you find one of the best family lawyers in Sydney, here are four valuable pieces of advice.

Advice 1: Ask for suggestions from friends and family

If you know someone who has used a lawyer, ask them for their recommendation. If you know someone who has been through a similar situation, ask them for their advice. This can help you narrow down the field of potential lawyers to those likely to offer the best service.

If you have no one in your circle of friends or family who has had experience with lawyers, don’t worry! Most people do not know anyone who has needed a good family lawyer in Sydney before they need one – but this doesn’t mean they should panic and not find one.

Advice 2: Do a little bit of background research

Once you’ve got your shortlist of prospective lawyers, look them up online. Check out their websites and social media profiles; you’ll get a good sense of how they present themselves and the clients they tend to work with.

Next, check out reviews from other people who have used those lawyers. This is especially important if you’re looking for a lawyer who has been practising for some time.

Advice 3: Contact the Law Society of NSW

The Law Society of NSW is the largest professional body for lawyers in Australia. Since 1823, they have been working to improve standards in the legal profession and ensure a high quality of service to consumers of legal services.

The Law Society can help you find a good family lawyer in Sydney because they have a directory where you can search for lawyers by location, expertise or area of law. You should also contact your state’s Legal Services Commission if you’re finding a family lawyer near you. They can point out some alternatives or recommend someone suitable for your situation.

Advice 4: Set up a consultation to interview them yourself

If you’re unsure who to hire, consider sitting down with them for a consultation. This will allow you to ask about their experience, how they charge clients and what type of cases they specialize in. It’s also an excellent chance for them to ask you questions about your case so that they can learn more about it and provide an accurate estimate of how much time it will take them to finish the job at hand.

You should also ensure they have a clear idea of your goals. If there’s no possibility of resolving matters privately or through mediation, then having an aggressive attorney might cost more than necessary in legal fees and court costs. You may feel like winning at all costs is essential when it comes time for court proceedings, but that’s not always the best approach (especially if your lawyer is charging by the hour).

Now, you have a list of family lawyers in Sydney and other resources. The next step is making the decision on which one will be best suited to your family’s needs. You can do this by calling them, scheduling an appointment, or even emailing them questions about their qualifications and experience. Hope this article was a great help to you in finding the right lawyer for yourselves!

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