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Everything you Need to Know About Marine Plywood

The marine-grade plywood is made of waterproof glue and is of good quality. However, it is not decay-resistant. This article covers everything you need to know about this plywood and its uses.

What Is Marine Plywood?

Most marine-grade plywood is made from peeling enormous sheets out of spinning logs. The plywood is made from two species of tree: western larch and Douglas fir. Also, the plywood can have knots but not all have knotholes.

The grades available for marine-grade plywood are A-A, A-B, B-B, Medium density overlay (MDO), and High-density overlay (HDO). However, it is not as resistant to water as believed and as a result, it is a subject of rotting and decaying. It has an outstanding quality,it is light-weight and defect-free.


Marine-grade plywood is preferred in the construction of docks and boats. This is because it performs better in humid and wet conditions. Also, it resists delamination and fungal attacks.

Another use for this plywood is bathroom and kitchen walls. These areas are subjected to moisture, thus the need for marine-grade plywood to prevent it from rotting and deforming.

Also, marine ply is used to make outdoor furniture like porches, planters, arbors, garden chairs, tables, and benches, among others.

Why Marine plywood?

  • Marine-grade plywood is strong and of good quality. So, in case you are wondering, ‘why marine-grade plywood?’ Here are a few reasons:
  • They use durable wood plies and veneers which prevent them from defects and as result last longer in wet and humid areas.
  • They are free from core voids. As a result, they do not trap water or rot from the inside.
  • Its manufacturers use an exterior Water and Boil Proof (WBP) glue that is durable. Also, subjecting it to heat and high pressure helps in making it strong.

What Is the Downside of Marine Plywood?

One disadvantage of marine plywood is that it is expensive compared to others. Also, just like any other, chemicals are used in its manufacture which might prove to be harmful to human health. It also has limited insulation as the pieces are closely fitted together. To counter this, you can install the ply together with insulators such as concrete alltimesmagazine panels and metal.


From what was discussed earlier, marine-grade ply is not completely water-proofed. This is because wood is used in its manufacture and as a result, it can decay and rot. The ply has to be well treated to avoid degradation.  However, chemically treated or pressure treated hardwood offers better rot protection as compared to this plywood.

Marine-grade plywood is phenomenal. It is rare to find ply that will offer such protection from water and heat. Using marine ply will make your project last longer.


If you are thinking of starting new construction, then think of using marine-grade ply. You can use it to build several long-lasting boat equipment, moviesverse use it on your bathroom walls or the kitchen as well as floors. However, if you are not sure how to install it by yourself, seek help from professionals.