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Crucial Facts about the submersible water pump

The submersible water pump is one of the most common types of water pumps. In this article, we will go over the fundamentals of submersible water pumps, how they work, and what factors to consider when buying one.

A submersible pump, also known as a bell pump, is immersed in the water to be pumped. They are frequently used in flood situations. They are available in a variety of models depending on the type of water to be pumped, whether clean or dirty, such as wastewater and rainwater.

Wastewater submersible pumps are used in areas with residue, sand, and soil and are primarily constructed of heavy-duty parts to help them pump coarser materials in the water.

Some pumps have floats and others do not. It is convenient due to the fact that the pump turns on and off automatically. When a location needs to be drained dry, it is effective to always carry out the task manually. Some advanced models, however, have both manual and automatic float switches.

Uses of submersible water pump

Water is drained using a submersible water pump. It can be used to reduce groundwater, pump water for drinking, drain dirty water, drain flooded cellars, and empty swimming pools before refilling with clean water.

Factors to consider when buying a submersible water pump

Pump capacity

Pump capacities can range from 7500 to 1800 liters per hour. Consider the amount of water to be pumped and choose the best pump for the job. In this case, time is also an important consideration. When pumping a large amount of water in a short period of time, it is best to use a pump with a high capacity to reduce the amount of time spent pumping water.

Lower capacity is appropriate for pumping small amounts of water over short distances.


It is impossible to plan for something that you cannot afford. Submersible water pump prices in Kenya, on the other hand, vary depending on the type, workload, size, and accessories supplied. As a result, everyone can afford at least one, if not two, submersible water pumps, with even low-income earners owning one.

Delivery head

It is the maximum height to which a pump can pump water. If you need to pump water to high peaks, it would be wise to choose a stronger pump. If short distances are what you are looking for, then the latter suits you.

Float type

Whether you need to drain surfaces dry, automatic and, manual float choice comes along. However, for quality service at all workloads, choosing a pump with both automatic and manual floats is good.

Accessories supplied

Accessories determine user-friendliness. While some pumps are user-friendly, others are not. User-friendly pumps are always supplied with more accessories. If you prefer handling your pump, it is wiser to consider a pump with more accessories.


This information is useful for anyone who plans to buy a submersible pump soon. Consider this, and you will be glad you made the right decision.