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Choosing the Right Quality Ndarugo Stones

Ndarugo is a quarry site in Kenya famous in the region for its type of stones. It provides a wide range of stone types and sizes. Due to the abundance of stone availability, people of the area use the stones a lot in construction works.

Kenya has quite a few quarry sites within its borders. People of the region use stones extensively in construction due to the abundance of rocks near them. Out of the significant quarry sites, Ndarugo is the most exceptional. Many stone companies provide premium quality stones from the Ndarugo quarry site.


Ndarugo provides one of the best stones in the region. It also provides the stone in a variety of colors. Multiple colors provide customers with a variety of options. The quality of stones from Ndarugo is remarkable, but it is always wise to consult experts when buying them. Many fraudsters rely on the customer’s naivety to scam them. Deficient quality stones can be mixed with good ones if the seller is unreliable.

The Variety

Stone traders of Ndarugo quarry offer a variety of different options. They offer stones in commonly used sizes. The stones are also available in different colors. Traders of rocks from the Ndarugo quarry usually offer different use types of stones too.

The colors

Grey is the most common type of color available. It is used most often, which is why people see the color of stone the most. It is the biggest reason grey stones are the favourite for traders, as many new buyers usually buy what they have already seen. Many sellers also don’t keep other colors because of a lack of demand. Specialized or large traders are generally the only ones selling different varieties.

The ndarugo stones are available in white, black, red, khaki, and brown colors. These colors look similar to clay bricks; many buyers are usually skeptical about buying these stones. The Colour of these stones is not a portrayal of the quality. Most people associate grey color stones as superior to other colored stones.

The sizes

Sellers of the Ndarugo quarry stones will always have three sizes available. The most commonly used sizes, four by 9, 6 by 9, and 9 by 9, are always available in the market. Many traders also offer the option to get custom sizes made if the order is big enough to cover additional expenses. The standard sizes are usually used in construction, whereas landscapers and D.I.Y enthusiasts ask generally for custom sizes.

Types of Stones

The stones of Ndarugo are divided into three types;

  • Foundational stones
  • Machine cut stones
  • Hand cut stones

Each class is used in a variety of different projects. Each type’s cost is different, and so is its use. Though each type is available anytime, machine-cut stones can have a shortage due to the high demand.


Naruto is a very well-known quarry site in the region. For the region’s people, it is the center of many industries. The quarry has led to the establishment of a thriving stone industry. It provides a wide variety of stones from the earth. The sellers offer these varieties and also provide different cuts of stones.

The name Ndarugo holds credibility in the stone market, but it does not mean that all sellers are trustworthy. Fraudsters try to scam customers who are new and have little experience. It is always advisable to do extensive research and ask for a consultation to get good stones for your project. Check also sand prices in Nairobi.