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Choosing Spiral Dough Mixer Machine Made Easy

A dough mixer is a kitchen appliance used in bakeries or at home for stirring dough ingredients together. The machine is capable of incorporating the dry and wet ingredients together ideally.

To the first buyer, worry not. This article will provide more insights on factors you need to familiarize yourself with before purchasing the mixer, from mixer terminology to its price range in Kenya.

First, there is five dough mixer terminology that you should know. Understanding this terminology will help you learn the correct capacity to meet your needs.

  • The capacity of the bowl
  • The capacity of the floor
  • The ability of the dough
  • The power capacity
  • The numbers of motors

The capacity of the bowl

Adequate bowl capacity ensures it holds enough dough per your need without over-taxing the motor. Bowl capacity usually measures the amount of water it can have without adding other ingredients.

The capacity of the floor

Flour capacity is an essential aspect. If you do not get this right, you may get a smaller mixer, which can be a waste of time.

The capacity of the dough

You should analyze the capacity of the dough it can hold. Base your decision on your market demand.

The motor and power capacity.

Motor capacity is crucial, especially for heavier doughs like bread and pizza. One should be able to analyze the absorption ratio for both water and flour. The mixer should be power efficient. This factor highly affects the dough mixer price in Kenya.

There are 3main types of commercial Dough mixers in the market

  • Spiral mixer
  • Planetary mixer
  • Horizontal mixer

Spiral Mixer

It is a popular commercial dough mixer with heavy-duty drive motors. It’s the most preferred mixer due to its flexibility in different settings. It mixes dough thoroughly and efficiently with less friction without overworking the dough. Mixing is done simultaneously in a small amount allowing the dough in the bowl to rest.

Planetary mixer

This mixer is commonly used in the home kitchen and small-scale business; this machine is also used to mix a range of substances. The mixing occurs through the central mixing of a tool against the stationary mixing bowl. This mixer is ideal for dough and batter that do not have yeast. The drawback of this mixer is that mixing between the top and bottom bowl may not be uniform.

Horizontal Mixer

This mixer delivers on volume ad speed in the shortest time possible. They come with various mixing arms that allow you to customize depending on the dough you are mixing. They enable continuous feeding of the next batch in the machine. The drawback of this mixer is that it cannot keep low temperatures due to the friction of the dough rubbing against the side of the bin.


Before settling into any mixer, assess your needs and goals. Identify the critical points in the mixing process and purchase one that suits your needs. This guide will help you settle for a suitable mixer.

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