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Can We Predict the Tech Stocks Crash in a Day?

During the bubble phase of a market, asset prices soar and valuations reach new heights. A “greater fool” theory of value creation plays out everywhere. Prime Tokyo office space sold for $139,000 per square foot during the 1990s Japanese bubble. The combined value of all tech stocks on the Nasdaq rose to more than the GDP of most nations by March 2000. As a result, investors were quick to sell their stock positions and the market crashed by 10% within a few weeks.

There are a number of factors that may trigger a correction. The most common factors are a tightening of fiscal policy and a rise in labor costs. However, there are no concrete predictions for the rest of this year’s stock market. Nevertheless, we can use the data from previous crashes to forecast what will happen next. In fact, the best way to predict a crash is to pay attention to historical market trends.

Last Line

There are many possible factors. A new Democratic Congress may increase taxes on the wealthy and push for national healthcare. While predictions for the rest of the year are speculative, the historical patterns of stock market crashes have proven to be reliable. Can we predict the tech stocks crash in t a day? para: In the meantime, the S&P 500 is up 21% through 11 months of the year. This is above the average return of 10.6% over the last century. This suggests that the market will continue to perform well and will not crash in a single day. But, it is not too early to get out of the tech bubble. There are several key factors that could push the stock prices into a downfall.

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