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Buying to Buying a Good Washing Machine

A washing machine is a household necessity. The market is flooded with many options. Each category has an upside and a downside. Buying a device is a mix and match of your needs, your budget, and how much you can compromise. The article discusses the different categories that affect prices.

A washing machine is an essential household appliance. With lives moving quicker than ever, a good washing machine can be beneficial. There are so many options available in the market. A person can go crazy looking at the multitude of features companies give in a washing machine.

The features can be as simple as a washer plus dryer to drying with specific temperature, the particular amount of moisture saturation and who knows what other features are available. The best option is always to keep the need and the budget in mind.

The Types

There are a few types in which all washing machines can be categorized. A manual washing machine and a manual washing machine with has washer plus a dryer are fully manual options and are the cheapest options. Then a level up is the semi-automatic machines. Many multinational brands don’t make these anymore.

The washing machines provided by big brands are either fully automatic or intelligent. There is no limit to how much a smart device can cost. Each new feature increases the cost of the machine.

The Brands

When it comes to brands, there are two categories, local and international. If you are tight on budget, always go for a local brand. Local brands are always cheaper compared to multinational brands. Local brands are more affordable because they try to provide products for pure consumption rather than brand loyalty. These brands help pull down the washing machine price in Kenya.

Local brands create products in low-end segments, giving cheaper options to the people. The result of this keeps a check and balance on the price of high-end models.

To compare, mobile phones made by those same multinational companies can be more expensive than the most high-end washing machines manufactured by them. It is all because of the local brands creating competition in the market and providing cheap but good options.

Always Stay Close to Budget

When it comes to consumer electronics, a person can quickly get confused. The best strategy is to stay close to your budget. The budget will help you ignore unnecessary options. Sticking to the budget also helps narrow down the options very quickly. It is almost impossible that a company is selling a manual machine and another company is selling a fully automatic engine at the same price.

Look at Your Needs

More important than the budget is the need of your household. If you don’t have big enough space to dry laundry, then a two-in-one machine becomes a necessity. Similarly, intelligent appliances might seem like an up-sell, but they can be necessary for some.

Likewise, machines are divided into different weight capacities. Always check the weight capacities before buying a washing machine. It shows how many clothes can be washed in one batch.


Prices of washing machines fall in a broad spectrum. Knowing your budget and your need to stay untangled and not get confused is essential. If that is clear, then making a choice becomes very simple.

When buying a washing machine, all the extra features might look like must-haves, but always remember what someone must have does not mean you, too, need the same thing. Be aware of your needs, and you will make a good purchase for your household.

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