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Buying a home in Dubai? Here are some pointers.

Decide why you want to purchase something before you go out and buy it.

Purchasing a house off-plan differs from other types of property purchases in Dubai, such as those for investment, resale, or rental income. Having a clear understanding of why you want to buy a house can help you narrow down your options.

How much money do you have to work with?

Where can you get the money from? In addition to the property’s valuation, consider the overall cost of purchasing, which includes the costs of legal fees, deposits, mortgage payments, and upkeep.

Maintain a clean credit record.

Buying a big ticket item three to six months before you buy an apartment may make you seem unreliable to lenders, decreasing your chances of getting the best financing.

Do your homework before making a big purchase.

You must make an offer to the seller verbally before you can proceed with the purchase of an apartment in Dubai. This is then followed by the creation of an official contract, the payment of a down payment, the obtaining of financing by the buyer, the seller’s assurance of strict adherence to the contract’s provisions, and the completion and transfer of the deed. You may have to go through a different procedure if you buy an off-plan home or a resale unit from an individual. If you are looking for Properties for sale in Executive Towers, we can help you out.

Be aware of your rights.

Mortgage limits, off-plan home purchasing plans, and transfer and transaction fees have all been regulated by several legislation.

Decide on the ideal location.

Buy in well-established neighbourhoods like Dubai Marina if you want to get good returns on your investment. But if you’re searching for recognition, places like Dubailand could be a fantastic place to look.

Ensure that the developer you choose has a good track record in the industry.

Is an escrow account in place for the developer? What is the track record of the developer in Dubai? Are the projects on time and within budget?

Consult with a seasoned real estate agent.

Be cautious to check whether the company is registered with the appropriate government agency (RERA). All of our agents are RERA-registered and have years of expertise in the industry.

Exactly what are the “extras”?

Service fees, such as those for parks, pools, and other public amenities, should not be ignored. The size and location of the property will have an impact on these costs.

Get to know your neighbours.Buying a home in Dubai? Here are some pointers.

Check out what’s going on in your neighbourhood by driving by the home at various hours. Be sure to do a test drive of your work commute from home beforehand.

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