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All about Milkshakes

Everyone loves a good milkshake glass, and the fact that people can prepare it locally is an added advantage to all my beverage lovers. Yes, it is a beverage, according to nutritionists, with a handful of beneficial health benefits. We will get to know more about this beverage in the article.

Being a beverage that almost everybody can consume at different seasons, everyone would be interested to know how it is prepared. Worry not because I have you covered in that section. With locally available ingredients, buckle up to save up some coins. Let us begin this fun and tasty procedure, but before that, a brief history.

Milkshake History

Unnecessary as it may seem, I think it’s important to know that this beverage was brought to life in the early twentieth century by one Ivar Coulson. Initially, they would use malted milk, which was obtained from blending milk, chocolate flavored ice cream or syrup and some malt. It then gained popularity among youths and has been so to date.


You would, of course, think that these ingredients are difficult to acquire but don’t; I have news for you. Some elements are a glass of milk, a scoop of vanilla or strawberry ice cream, and essence or flavor according to your liking. You could add sweeteners like caramel syrup, but this is an additional choice.

Also, do not forget the fruit; since today we will be preparing a strawberry shake, do not forget to include it.


In a blender, pour your glass of milk and add a scoop of ice cream. You want to blend these two until they have a fine consistency and are mixed well. Add your choice of sweetener and flavorings, in our case, caramel and strawberry, respectively.

Blend again until they all mix nicely. You can partly slice your fruit into two and pour the blended mixture into a glass, and voila! You have your milk shake ready.

Health Benefits

I think shakes are convenient if you are not a direct-intake fruit lover. Infusing fruits in the drink makes them easily consumable, giving you vitamins in your system. Another benefit is that the sugars in shakes give you more energy, and instead of consuming processed energy drinks, a better and healthier replacement is taking a shake. It jogs your mind up like a flash.


This beverage has been known far and wide, and many people have taken it to their advantage each particularly different, depending on the consumer’s preference. So many recipes have been formulated as well, all with different benefits.

For example, we have some for immunity boost, some for weight gain, some for weight loss, and others for appetite regain, amongst so many more. The fact that electric blenders also came along has made this process way more straightforward and enjoyable since less energy and effort are needed.

There is more information to share but I will wrap it up. I hope this article is of help in understanding more about the delicious drink. Check milkshake machine price in kenya.

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