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7 Best Things to Do in Singapore to Enjoy Your Stay

Singapore, the bustling cosmopolitan city-state nestled in Southeast Asia, stands as a harmonious convergence of diverse cultures and a veritable treasure trove of experiences for travellers. Whether you’re a first-time adventurer or a seasoned globetrotter, Singapore beckons with a cornucopia of attractions, ensuring your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. From striking contemporary architectural marvels to delectable street fare that tantalises your taste buds, this city has something to captivate every soul. Here, we’ve meticulously curated a list of the seven best things to do in Singapore that promise to etch indelible memories and ensure your visit is nothing short of sublime.

1. Explore the Iconic Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands, an architectural marvel that epitomises opulence and modernity, reigns as Singapore’s crown jewel should be part of your ¬†best things to do in Singapore. Its most iconic feature, the rooftop infinity pool, is an exclusive haven for hotel guests, offering unrivalled panoramas of the city’s skyline. Even if you don’t have the privilege of a poolside plunge, you can still bask in the breathtaking vistas by ascending to the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck.

2. Dive into the Magic of Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is Singapore’s playground, offering a plethora of entertainment options. For a beach day, head to Palawan Beach, or for a dose of excitement, visit Universal Studios Singapore for thrilling rides and attractions. If you’re into marine life, explore the S.E.A. Aquarium or indulge in water adventures at the Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Additionally, Sentosa boasts stunning golf courses, lush gardens, and various best things to do in Singapore. The scenic cable car ride to Sentosa itself provides panoramic views of the city and the surrounding waters, making it a perfect destination for relaxation and fun.

3. Savour Authentic Hawker Food

Must-try dishes include Hainanese chicken rice, char kway teow (stir-fried flat rice noodles), and chilli crab. Visit places like Maxwell Food Centre and Newton Food Centre to sample these culinary delights. Eating at hawker centres is not only a gastronomic adventure but also a cultural one, as you’ll rub shoulders with locals while enjoying their favourite dishes. Trying cruising is one of the best things to do in Singapore.

4. Immerse Yourself in the Historic Enclaves

Singapore’s historic neighbourhoods are a treasure trove of culture and heritage. Explore Chinatown, where you’ll discover traditional shop-houses, temples, and vibrant markets. Don’t miss the Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple, and the Chinatown Heritage Centre to learn about the area’s history. In Little India, immerse yourself in the vibrant colours, aromas, and traditions of the Indian community.

Visit the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and savour authentic Indian cuisine at local eateries. The Arab Quarter, Kampong Glam, is another gem with its historic Sultan Mosque and trendy boutiques and cafes. These cultural enclaves provide a unique glimpse into Singapore’s multicultural identity as part of the best things to do in Singapore.

5. Be Enchanted by Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a remarkable fusion of nature and modernity in the heart of Singapore. The iconic Supertree Grove, a collection of towering tree-like structures, comes alive with a mesmerising light and sound show each evening as part of the best things to do in Singapore.

Take a stroll along the OCBC Skyway, a suspended walkway connecting the Supertrees, for panoramic city views.

6. Experience the Night Safari

Opt for a tram ride through the park for a guided tour, or explore the walking trails for a more intimate animal encounter. The Night Safari is both captivating and educational, suitable for visitors of all ages, and promises an unforgettable night out in Singapore.

7. Visit the National Museum for Cultural Insights

Journey through time, from the colonial epoch to the tumultuous struggles for independence and the contemporary achievements that define the nation. The museum provides an engrossing account, affording invaluable insights into the bedrock of culture and heritage. Make sure to include this and get the best things to do in Singapore.

In summation, Singapore unfurls a cornucopia of experiences, each tailored to diverse interests and predilections. Whether you find fascination in avant-garde architectural wonders, revel in gastronomic delights, savour the embrace of nature, or cherish the annals of history, Singapore, as a city-state, extends an all-encompassing welcome.

Thus, seize the opportunity to maximise your sojourn in Singapore by embarking on these seven superlative activities, ensuring your sojourn bestows upon you enduring impressions of this vivacious and multifaceted destination.

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