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Why do people love M4M and hate War foragon? Why do those who support war get so mad at those who support them? The answer is, of course, both answers are correct. There are a variety of reasons why people love M4M and hate War forArm. Let’s take a look at the different things that make this movie so great and so wrong.

M4M is a great blending of animation and live action.

The amalgam of live action and animation can be a little distracting at times, but the combination of the two works so much better than either of these kinds of production. Sure, you get the same nostalgia value from looking at the original animation and seeing how it has been transformed into a movie, but you also get a much better sense of what the movie is trying to accomplish.

The characters are who they are, always looking for a way to make everyone laugh.

This is what makes M4M so great. It’s a comedy, not a drama. Anyone who has seen The Hangover knows this, but the literal translation of the word “jerk” in this movie is a good sign. There are no characters in M4M who will put themselves in a position to belesstempt somebody, or make a move that could get them in trouble with the law. Sure, there is one or two instances where someone gets messed up in the “jerk” department, but for the most part, these people are trying to make others laugh, not get in their face and start fighting a battle that they can’t win.

The story is all about hope, even if hope can’t find any solution.

This is the one thing that M4M has going for it, and it’s showing up in spades. The movie embraces hope, but never deserted it. Sure, some of the characters fall into depression and self-loathing, but they also have hope that they can redeem themselves, and they don’t give up on their dreams because they can’t see any other way out. There’s also a wonderful subtext that can be interpreted as “We will overcome, no matter what happens.” There are also moments where the movie teases the audience, making them wonder “What if?” It’s a Harry Potter-like novel, after all, and you can expect a few character insights and fun questions throughout, along with plenty of Tee heebers and magic beans.

War for freedom is what this movie represents.

The word “for” in “war” stands out in this movie, as does “for” freedom. There are no liberate concepts in this movie, only the opportunity to have a few laughs. It’s not until the final moments when the movie begins to stray from its “for” theme, that you realize the true meaning of the word “for” and its connection to freedom, and the movie as a whole, for that matter.

The execution of the movie was flawless.

Like I mentioned above, M4M excels at blending live action and animation, making it a hybrid movie that is so much fun to watch. The way that it portrays the different fits and walks of life of the world’s people, and how they all meet in the end, is stunning, and nothing comes off as cheap or fake. It’s a great example of how to build an entire movie on a few set photos, and still come out with a job done on a grand (and lasting) scale.

The movie was perfect.

Perfect for a night and day in the park, or for a date. It starts off strong with a bang, and then settles into a moody lull before coming back to life with a great ending. If you’re a fan of 80’s and 90’s nostalgia, or a nostalgia kind of person, this is for you. If you’re not, you should probably try it out. It’s a real crowd puller.


M4M was a cult classic, and along with Avatar and Top Gun, it sparked a new generation of filmmakers. With such an iconic name attached to a movie, you might be surprised to learn that M4M is actually not a sequel to any of the original’s dings. After being left off the screen for a while, the movie returns as an adapted live action/poster child for the benefits of social justice, gender equality and diversity. It’s a beautiful film, and one that I highly recommend to all kinds of audiences. The combo of classic animation and live action is simply too great to be true, but it happens. It’s that good.